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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Construction is Complete But Who Is The City Forester?

September 24th was the 2 year anniversary of when we broke ground!!!
• Most everything is done now and we are in the process of moving in. In this city, to get signed off, the City Forester must sign off the inspection report. He came over, pulled out his spray paint and put this circle 7 feet off the street in the middle of my front yard and said you will plant a 24" box, Japanese Cherry Tree a.k.a. Pink Cloud. Since this is in the City right of way, I am basically giving the city a gift per their direction. In my opinion, there are now too many trees in the front yard as it was perfectly balanced. Time will tell how it all fills out.

• Code states that glass doors must be put in all interior fireplaces. There is a fireplace store in town that rents doors for 30 days to get through inspection for just over $200. It's one of their standard services!!!

Temporary glass fireplace door

• All that is left to do is minor stuff; low voltage lighting, seal the fence and new gates, make the stained glass for the front door, kitchen, and entertainment center doors, etc.
• There is one more thing I forgot. We had the rear patio fireplace stone redone to get rid of the seam at the 45 degree bend in the wall. While that was accomplished, the rest of the stone was redone but not to my satisfaction. I'm going to redo the opening and face of the fireplace again.
• I am hoping to have the final pictures online by Thanksgiving. There are a lot and I still need to categorize and annotate them all.
And last but not least, there is a third child on the way that is due at the end of November. There is a struggle with my gym being turned into a baby's room. For now, we are going to share it as I will not give it up that easily and the baby will mostly be in our room for the next couple of years. Maybe by then I will have to remodel to add another room! Just can put a fork in it because this house is done!!!


  1. Hi, we are Renovating a home we just bought. Can you tell me about shower pans/hot mops? Also we need to re-do our fireplace. How much should i expect these two additional jobs to be? Thanks

    BTW-your home is beautiful!

  2. Our shower was framed out and covered with a waterproof membrane. Then the entire shower was hot mopped. It took no more than a day for this whole process. I don't have a cost on that specific item but I doubt it's much.

    The fireplace costs can vary widely as you can buy a pre-built fireplace or have a mason build it as I did. The pre-built, of course will be less expensive but it may not fit your space requirements. The fireplace without any of the tile was a bout $7K if I remember correctly. The decorative tile materials and installation was a few thousand more but it really varies based on what you are having done. My living room fireplace required masons hand chipping stones to fit where my bedroom fireplace had expensive Batchelder tile with a simple installation.