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Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Finishes are Going In

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with the number of things going on at the house and though I have been taking pictures, I have not had time to annotate and post them. They will arrive, just a little patience.
• The master bathroom has been tiled and looks great!

Master bathroom is tiled in glass, slate, and seagrass limestone.

• Cherry cabinets have been installed in the kitchen, master bath, and laundry room. Unfortunately, the kitchen sink cabinet was 3/4" off center from the window. The cabinet had to be shortened by 3/4" on both ends to keep it symmetric and centered on the window.

Kitchen sink cabinet is off center.

• I have purchased the soapstone slabs for the kitchen and laundry room from Soapstone West in Escondido, CA.
• Brazilian Cherry floors have been ordered from Dutko Hardwood Floors in Lawndale, CA and will be installed the first week of December. Talk about a backlog.
• The fireplace mantel has been installed and stained. Plaster will go above it and Moonlight flagstone will go below. It will be cut into manicured blocks of varying size.

Craftsman Mahogany Fireplace Mantel

• Actual work has started on the staircase. There was a lot of planning to get to this point.
• The hot tub has been delivered. We're just waiting for power now.

The hot tub has been slid into place

• The Golden Busckskin flagstone has been installed on the front and back patios.

Golden Bucksking Flagstone has been installed on the patio

• The green slate has been installed on the balconies.
• Paint samples are all over the walls. I hear they will start within 2 weeks with the paint.

Paint samples are on the walls

• Interior doors are installed and stained.

Interior Craftsman door with Delta glass


  1. I love the tile work from Mission Tile. Do you know the stock numbers from your pic on this blog?

  2. The master bedroom fireplace tile is made up of two different tiles; the green squares/borders and the ginkgko borders/dots. Here are the numbers from my invoice.

    62 sq ft - 71/ 4x4 Opal

    56 pcs - 71/ 6" Quarter Round - Opal

    20 pcs - 71/ 2 1/2x6 Cornice #1 - Opal

    15 pcs - 172/ 2x8 Gingko Border: Hand Painted

    11 pcs - 172/ 2x2 Gingko: Hand Painted

  3. The kitchen tile is as follows, again off the invoice:

    35 sheets - 167/ 1x2 Offset: custome blend 80% #05 Sandstone, 20% #08 Harvest
    5 sheets - 167/ 1x1 #08 Harvest Iridescent
    45 pcs - 167/ 1x1 Quarter Round #05 Sandstone
    50 pcs - 167/ 1x1 Quarter Round #08 Harvest Iridescent
    5 pcs - 167/ 1x8 Quarter Round #08 Harvest Iridescent
    42 pcs - 167/ 2x8 Canopy Liner #08 Harvest Iridescent