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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Front Door Design

I'm working on the front door right now. This picture is a sketch of what I'm trying for with a darker (mahogany) wood. I'm going to do the stained glass myself along the lines of what is shown.

Rough Idea
Mockup of my proposed Craftsman Front Door

By the way, the rain is coming again next week. We should get another 2 inches which will push L.A. up to the second rainiest ever. I guess I was just lucky to start building this year during this monsoon season. Maybe we can be number one soon. UGH!
Modified on 1/23/08
Here is a picture of the actual door at the mill and with the final stained glass. If you look closely at the raw door, you can see the three plugs at the base of the window frame. These remove to allow me to remove the frame and swap out the glass at anytime.
Craftsman, mahogany front door in the mill and rawCraftsman Door with my custom stained glass


  1. Great front door, did you just stain or did you add a varnish to protect it from the outside elements, if so what did you end up using. I dont want the varish to be super glossy.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Originally the door had no stain on it and was just clear coated with Varathane. That worked fine for awhile but the sun was fading it drastically. I had the door stripped down and stained with a diluted Brown Mahogany Jel'd Stain. Take not though that Jel'd Stain is an Interior stain even though I used it on my front door and garage door. You can see a list of the materials used at this link.
    To see a before and after of freshly sanded mahogany follow this link.

    Mahogany has been interesting to watch age since I have it throughout the house and only clear coated it. Where the sun hits, it fades to a light brown. Where the sun never hits, it deepens into a rich brown color.